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These documents are created for your safety and understanding of our hire vehicles. It’s an important step so you can rest easy knowing what you are required to do, and ultimately have an enjoyable experience in your-self-drive adventure.

Terms & Conditions

This document provides you the understanding you need to hire the vehicle, about the insurance and what you are and are not covered for.

Excluded Areas Memorandum

This document provides you with the areas in Australia that are not covered by our terms and conditions or insurance. If you wish to visit areas in our excluded areas then contact us as we may be able to provide you with a different insurance policy at a premium.

Daily Vehicle Check List

This document provides you with a quick important daily vehicle check list, and includes checking items such as oil, water, wheel nuts, under vehicle components and under bonnet visual checks for a trouble free hire.

Vehicle Equipment list

This document provides you with a check list for returning the vehicle, we also use this list when you return your vehicle and is the basis of taking your deposit off hold.

Credit Card Authority Form

This document requires to be filled out if you do not wish to make a payment over the internet. Just simply fill it out and email it back to us and we will take care off the rest!

Drivers Licence Legalities

If you don’t have a current Australian licence here’s an easy way to make sure you have the correct requirements to drive within Australia.