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Your Safety

We have ensured your safety is paramount at Adventure For Hire. Our vehicles are maintained after each hire, this gives you the confidence that you’re driving a vehicle that will get you there and back! Our vehicles have, upgraded suspension, air bags and reverse cameras as standard.

We don’t stop there!

We care about you and your family’s safety so much that we have added a few extra safety features as standard:


We have included in all vehicles an on and off road GPS system so you can find your way around easily out on your adventure, and importantly back again safely. Our GPS has added camping places so you can easily look up where you are and find the nearest place to stay the night.

You’ve hired a vehicle for exploring right…so you should get a GPS as standard.

GPS Tracking and EPIRB

This is where we step up our safety levels to a whole new level. We have included in all vehicles a GPS tracking system called SPOT. This small device tracks your vehicle in real time so no matter where you are we can easily locate you if something should ever go wrong. In the event something should go wrong you can press the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon button and this will send a signal to the Australian Emergency Services who will come to your aid.

It’s also a great way of sharing your travels with your family and friends, we will supply you a website link so you can pass it onto family and friends. They will be able to follow your adventures and know where you have been and where you currently are. They will be absolutely jealous about your adventurous travels.

Drivers Licence Legalities

If you come from overseas, here’s an easy way to make sure you have the correct requirements to drive within Australia.